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Lots of people are afflicted by some type of mental illness, whether it is depression, bipolar syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or a variety of others. These illnesses can impact anybody, regardless of their background or personality—and many of the time, they may be hard to identify. Robin Johnson endured from the severe type of depression that forced him to consider their own existence, and today his widow Susan Schneider Johnson has written an essay for any scientific journal by which she describes his illness and also the ways they attempted to manage it.

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The essay, which made an appearance within the journal from the American Academy of Neurology, is known as “The Terrorist within my Husband’s Brain.” It chronicles the Johnson family’s experience coping with Robin’s mental disorder as well as their struggles to locate a proper diagnosis. The days before his dying were “tragic and heartbreaking,” she writes.

“Robin was losing his mind and that he was conscious of it. Are you able to think of the discomfort he felt because he experienced themself disintegrating? And never from something he’d ever know the, or understand? Neither he, nor anybody could stop it — no quantity of intelligence or love could hold it back.”

Robin battled from “acute paranoia and out-of-character emotional responses” that switched to result from Lewy Body Disease, a kind of dementia connected with Parkinson’s disease, that they was identified as having in 2014. Johnson describes the numerous tests her husband experienced to be able to achieve a lengthy-anticipated diagnosis, which still didn’t grow to be enough. It had been this illness, introduced on through the Parkinson’s, which caused

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him to consider their own existence in August 2014.