Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is here to inform you what of your personal information we will use or not use. It’s encouraged that you read the privacy policy of any site that asks for your personal information.

What we collect

When you visit our site our web service our web server immediately records your IP address, the type of browser, the length of your visit, and which pages you visited when you were here. The information we collect does not identify who you are or your personal information. If you wish to order from us you must provide your personal and contact details, credit card details, your current employment situation and experience. This billing information is not disclosed to us and we have no access to it.

How we use this information

Any information we collect from you, like the IP address and browser type for interest, are only for statistical and research purposes. We use the information to help you with your resources and networking and get you the services that you paid for.

Any information disclosed to us will NEVER be shared or passed on to a 3rd party.

Online Transactions

You must provide us with a valid credit card if you wish to take advantage of our services online. Licensed secure server software handles all of our transactions. This safe and secure process protects you and your personal information.

Future adjustments to this statement are possible

We retain the right to adjust and amend this statement. If you wish to stay up to date on our privacy statement you are encouraged to frequently visit this page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, inquiries, suggestions, or problems of any kind feel free to contact us via email.