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Terms and Conditions

When you order with us you agree to:

  • You agree to follow through with the payment on your order;
  • You authorize to charge the card you supplied with the price of your order;
  • You accept if your resume yields no interviews within 30 days we will review it for FREE;
  • You certify that you may cancel your order at any time before you certify its fulfillment;
  • You agree any cancellations, refunds, or problems you may have should be emailed to us at;
  • You understand that the due date you chose on the order is the minimum amount of time your assigned writer has to complete the task;
  • You understand that any special packages you purchase from us including an interview coach or reference verification are contingent on the information you provide, and your ability to provide this information on time. We are not responsible if you don’t supply this information on time.

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