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Within the essay method approach, the appraiser prepares an itemized statement concerning the worker being appraised.

The statement usually focuses on describing specific weaknesses and strengths in job performance. Additionally, it suggests considerations to treat the identified trouble spots.

The statement might be written and edited through the appraiser alone, or it’s composed together with the

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is not easy

The essay technique is much less structured and confining compared to rating scale method. It permits the appraiser to look at just about any relevant issue or attribute of performance. This contrasts dramatically with methods in which the evaluation criteria are rigidly defined.

Appraisers may place whatever amount of focus on issues or attributes they feel appropriate. Thus the operation is open-ended and incredibly flexible. The appraiser isn’t locked into an evaluation system the boundaries expression or assumes that worker traits could be nicely dissected and scaled.


Essay methods are time-consuming and hard to manage. Appraisers frequently discover the essay technique more demanding than methods for example rating scales.

The strategy finest advantage – freedom of expression – can also be its finest handicap. The different ability as a copywriter of appraisers can upset and distort the entire process. The operation is subjective and, because of this, it is not easy to assess the outcomes of people in order to draw any broad conclusions about business needs.